1 Bedrooom 1 Bath
1 Bedrooom 1 Bath
Living Area
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Our goal with recurring cleaning services is to keep your home maintained following the initial cleaning. Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly services typically include the tasks below, plus rotations.
Throughout the House
Dust flat surface areas, knick-knacks, wall hangings, railings, lights, lampshades
Spot clean fronts of doors & cabinets
Polish mirrors
Vacuum upholstery/wipe leather (varies by home)
Vacuum floor & rugs
Clean and sanitize hard floor surfaces
Clean glass front door and side lights (inside & out, weather permitting)
Remove trash, replace liner
Scrub and sanitize showers, shower head, tubs, sinks, counters, commodes
Clean and shine glass shower doors, clean shower tracks
Faucet and drain detailing 
Wipe shower racks and bottles, clean soap dishes
Polish mirrors and faucets
Clean and shine outside of all appliances, inside and outside of microwave
Clean window over sink (unobstructed by screen)
Clean drip pans and grates or scrub glass stove top
Clean and sanitize countertops (move and wipe under all items, unless excessive number of items)
Clean and polish sink, drain, and faucet, wipe soap dispensers, clean soap dishes
Faucets, drains and gaskets 
Hand-wipe all kitchen furniture including high-chairs
Rotation 1: High dust/cobweb areas (up to 8’ high, including ceiling fans, lights, fixtures, top of fridge, etc.)
Rotation 2: Dust blinds and window treatments.
Rotation 3: Low dust/baseboards (kitchens, baths, and stairways are cleaned every visit.)
Custom Cleaning Services
We are locally owned and operated; we customize our services to suit your needs.
Do you want kitchen and bathrooms only, or some other combination? Let us know…we’re flexible!